wedding homily with Plato

In his Symposium, the philosopher Plato wrote, “Humans have never understood the power of Love, for if they had they would surely have built noble temples and altars and offered solemn sacrifices; but this is not done, and most certainly ought to be done, since Love is our best friend, our helper, and the healer of the ills which prevent us from being happy.”

I think maybe [bride] and [groom] *do* understand the power of love. No, they haven’t built ~read more~

surprise wedding

you can see me in action at this surprise wedding (the bride gave the groom a 50th birthday present of a wedding–they’d been engaged for 8 years, and he was thrilled): Bernie ~read more~

beach wedding

The bride used words from Pablo Neruda to create her vows; the groom’s vows were lovely and heart-felt, too.  We even worked the cyclotron at Michigan State University into ~read more~

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