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This week we celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Among other things, those in the UUA affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person. So may ~read more~

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I support our UUA Board of Trustees’ proposal to shrink the Board from 26 members to 14, and to change the way Trustees are nominated & elected. I agree that this will make the Board both *more* efficient and diverse (pdf). For more details, please see their FAQ (pdf). {The FAQ has also been reproduced as the first comment, below}

My colleague, Tom Schade, wrote:

“Dear Friends…I have been thinking about UUA governance for a while.
Most of our frustrations with ~read more~

UUSC Justice Sunday (sermon; 110327)

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Justice is Aid with Dignity  (UUSC Justice Sunday)
Service celebrated at People’s Church UU, in Ludington, Michigan, on 27 March 2011
Rev. Chip Roush

Our 9th annual “new” Fast Day is coming up on Wednesday, April 6th. As one who obviously loves eating, I find fasting every year an interesting practice. Fasting really throws me out of my usual daily rhythms, and wakes me up to appreciate my life in a deeper way. I hope many of you ~read more~

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