call against MI HB 4214


Over the last week or so, we have seen an audacious attack on the very fabric of our society. Governors and legislators have used dirty tricks in several states to undermine the public good.

In Wisconsin, Governor Walker insisted that he was not trying to break the unions—the last voice with any power to speak for the middle and working class peoples. He insisted this was a budget issue, not a political ploy to bust the unions. ~read more~

work and dignity–sufficient, not necessary

"I am a man" Memphis 1968

“The rights of workers to join together and bargain collectively for better wages and working conditions is not just a civil right, it is a fundamental way we recognize that human beings have an inherent dignity and worth,” writes Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, in yesterday’s Washinton Post.  Thistlethwaite quotes Walter Rauschenbusch, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Pope John Paul II as including the centrality of work to our human dignity.

She writes, “What makes us not only people, ~read more~

Lillie and Gov. Walker

Lillie Lilly

After the third time Lillie dropped her ball at my feet, I finally looked up: “I’m sorry, girl, I am too upset to play.” “What’s the matter?” she asked (Lilly is our dog, but she sometimes talks to me. Nobody else ever hears her, but I have grown used to it). I told her that I was worried about union workers. In Wisconsin, and in a dozen other states, newly elected lawmakers are attempting to roll ~read more~

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