too much “sanity”?

Jon Stewart, like most of us on the Left, still does not get it.  The “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear,” which he hosted with Stephen Colbert last Saturday, was well-attended, and funny, and did find a balance with satire and sincerity.  Stewart’s intent, as reported by Christopher Beam, was “to show that civil discourse and cooperation are possible.” 

Beam quotes Stewart: “We work together to get things done every day…[Most people are not political animals—they] don’t live solely ~read more~

easy to be hard

Tea Partiers are driven by Status Anxiety; unless we provide an alternative status, their fear and anger will continue to escalate, until it bubbles over into real violence. The traditional markers of status in the USA–wealth and white skin–are changing. We cannot (and would not choose to) stop that evolution, but we can respond to the anxiety it causes. We can present a wider, more universal status (the inherent worth dignity of every ~read more~

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