Mother’s Day Prayer

Venus of Willendorf

Let us open ourselves widely to Life, and share a few moments of quiet attention…   {silence}

We call upon the Hopi Earth-Mother, Tuuwaqatsi, and Cybele, the Magna Mater; we think of Parvati, primal Hindu goddess, mother even of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; today, we honor the Green Man, and the Maiden and the Crone, and especially we celebrate the Mother; we call to mind the Venus of Willendorf, carved 25,000 years ago, and we celebrate the ancient and ~read more~

passionate about sex ed

Our Whole Lives

Sexuality Education. The UU Salon’s April topic is “what is your great passion?” Specifically, their question is what would prompt you to go to a group of strangers and interrupt their conversation.

I’ve actually done this, in a local restaurant. I heard two mothers voicing their concerns about their teenaged sons, and how they would learn the facts and the responsibilities of adult sexuality.  I waited until they were paying their check, then walked over, gave them my card, and explained ~read more~

sex not dishonorable, but sacred


Brandon Davies has been dismissed from the BYU basketball team–for having sex with his girlfriend.  The Brigham Young University Honor Code includes “live a chaste and virtuous life,” according to an ESPN story.  I do admire BYU for sticking by its code, even though losing a star player may hurt their chances to win the NCAA Tournament (the Cougars are ranked as high as #3 in the country, currently). 

However, I wish their code did not confuse ~read more~

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