Memorial Day prayer

memorial day

We call to Iphigenia, and her patron, Artemis;
we call to Utnapishtim, and to Confucius;
we beckon to all the goddesses and gods
who ever received an offering;

we cry to the God of the Israelites,
who taught our ancestors
which animals made the right sacrifice;
we cry to Jehovah,
who gave his only begotten son;

we remember all of our human cousins
who risked their lives,
or their status,
or their health and wellbeing,
in service to their higher values;

both emboldened and humbled
by the power of these ideas,
we ~read more~

strictly humanist prayer entrance


we cry out to our ancestors,
from Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha,
to Jeshua ben Joseph, the Christ…
we call to Mary Magdalene, Moses, and Mohammad;
we call to Katherine Vogel
and Faustus Socinus,
we call to Charles Darwin and Marie Curie;
we cry to Olympia Brown, Frederick Douglass,
Harvey Milk and Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz;

we hold in our minds
every human being who ever believed
that a better world was possible;
we think of all those who acted
to help create such a world;

and, simultaneously emboldened ~read more~

Mother’s Day Prayer

Venus of Willendorf

Let us open ourselves widely to Life, and share a few moments of quiet attention…   {silence}

We call upon the Hopi Earth-Mother, Tuuwaqatsi, and Cybele, the Magna Mater; we think of Parvati, primal Hindu goddess, mother even of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; today, we honor the Green Man, and the Maiden and the Crone, and especially we celebrate the Mother; we call to mind the Venus of Willendorf, carved 25,000 years ago, and we celebrate the ancient and ~read more~

entrances into prayer

I incorporate a prayer or guided meditation in most of the worship services I lead. I usually start by calling our attention to our bodies, and focusing awareness on our breath. Once centered in our immediate experience of being alive, I lead into the verbal expression of our fears and hopes with words that are customized to that specific service.

Here are some prayer entrances that I have used:

O Spirit of Justice,
which howls at the gates of ~read more~

poker, prison, prayer (sermon; 040627)

This sermon was preached on Fusion, the UU Church of Rockford’s weekly television show on WIFR-TV; on 27 June 2004
Rev. Chip Roush

How many of you have ever played poker? Did you play for pennies, or poker chips, or was there paper money in the pot? How many of you have ever played strip poker,
where you have to remove an item of clothing if you have the losing hand?

The game of poker is enjoying an ~read more~

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