Memorial Day prayer

memorial day

We call to Iphigenia, and her patron, Artemis;
we call to Utnapishtim, and to Confucius;
we beckon to all the goddesses and gods
who ever received an offering;

we cry to the God of the Israelites,
who taught our ancestors
which animals made the right sacrifice;
we cry to Jehovah,
who gave his only begotten son;

we remember all of our human cousins
who risked their lives,
or their status,
or their health and wellbeing,
in service to their higher values;

both emboldened and humbled
by the power of these ideas,
we ~read more~

memorial day observation

memorial salute

Darnell Arnoult was born in Virginia, in 1955. She is a poet and novelist, and identifies as a “cow-girl, sort of.” Like her uncle, and many others in the south, she refers to the soft drink “Coca Cola” as “Co-cola.”

In World War Two
the oldest
of my uncles
picked up
dead bodies
dead weight
some in pieces
and threw them
onto the beds
of trucks.
His work spread
far as he could see.
When he came
home he poured
salted peanuts
into a Co-Cola
and prepared
for life
with folks
who could
never know
some things
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