does it get better?

Is the “It Gets Better” project anything more than a feel-good panacea, diverting energy away from real activism for BGLT rights? Alana Smith blogs that for some (too many!), their lives will likely *not* get better. Smith also links to Zoe Melisa’s ten points against the Dan Savage-inspired YouTube channel, where many different people and groups encourage bisexual, gay, lesbian and transgender youth to refrain from suicide, and soldier on, because “it gets better.”

Smith decides that ~read more~

new “men’s magazines”

Relationship advice in a men’s magazine? While old-school magazines like Playboy and Esquire celebrate sex *without* relationships, and encourage high-end “manly” products like cigars, whisky and $3000 shoes, newer websites are catering to the concerns of men in the 21st century.

The Good Men Project recently wrote “Many men are in crisis. Most guys I talk to quietly acknowledge that they’re struggling to ‘do it all.’ Sound familiar? That’s what women have faced all along: how to ~read more~


Who gets to call themself a feminist, and are there core beliefs which one must affirm to claim that label? Several women are debating this, in a series on   The genesis of the article is whether Sarah Palin and other politicians should be allowed to use the term, but it moves beyond that pretty widely.

Amy Bloom writes, “Feminism, I’m pretty sure, means a commitment to equal opportunity, equal ability, and equal potential for all women. ~read more~

easy to be hard

Tea Partiers are driven by Status Anxiety; unless we provide an alternative status, their fear and anger will continue to escalate, until it bubbles over into real violence. The traditional markers of status in the USA–wealth and white skin–are changing. We cannot (and would not choose to) stop that evolution, but we can respond to the anxiety it causes. We can present a wider, more universal status (the inherent worth dignity of every ~read more~

identity exercise

Choose an identity that has been alive for you recently…What has been good about that identity? What’s been hard about it? What is something you’d like us to know/remember about that identity in your life?

Thanks to Toniann Read, the Director of Ministry with Children and Youth at UU Metro Atlanta North, for sharing the above questions, which they use as a check-in at their monthly RE Council meetings.

I have a hard time with such questions as ~read more~

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