perinatal / reproductive losses

perinatal loss  reproductive loss

Resources for perinatal / reproductive loss, as suggested by my dear colleagues:


Perinatal Loss Group – many great resources, including birth/death announcements, excellent “support cards” and books with readings for memorials and other rituals of healing

Compassionate Friends -website and national network for parents who have lost a child, with information on how to find local chapters

Faith Aloud has a free hotline for women experiencing either an unplanned pregnancy or a reproductive loss

March of Dimes is more for premature ~read more~

Lillie and Gma

Our dog, Lillie, talks to me.  Or rather, she thinks to me.  I never see her lips move.  As far as I can tell, nobody else can hear/feel/receive her.  I’ve even stopped looking around, to see if others perceive anything odd.  I just think back at her.

For example, last week, when we dropped her off at my sister’s house (so Lilly could play with my sister’s dog, Xena, while we were at my grandmother’s funeral), the ~read more~

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