manly to live longer?


Men die five years earlier than women, on average. This is partially biological, and mostly cultural: men die sooner because they have “poorer health care behaviors and lower use of health care,” according to author Bridget Murray-Law, quoted in Tom Matlack’s article. Matlack writes, “the way to extend male life isn’t to feminize us but build upon traditionally male attributes that turn out to promote healthier choices.” Matlack quotes Murray-Law’s article: “Men high in traits that ~read more~

just like a UU

A new lay leader wants my sister’s church to cease using exclusively masculine pronouns when they refer to God.  Evidently, they aren’t ready to use many feminine pronouns, so they just repeat the word “God” a lot–”God wants the best for God’s children,” etc.  This frustrates my sister, who finds that language clunky and distracting.  Besides, she says, “I don’t think people who come to this [tradition withheld] church worry about that kind of stuff.”  She ~read more~


Who gets to call themself a feminist, and are there core beliefs which one must affirm to claim that label? Several women are debating this, in a series on   The genesis of the article is whether Sarah Palin and other politicians should be allowed to use the term, but it moves beyond that pretty widely.

Amy Bloom writes, “Feminism, I’m pretty sure, means a commitment to equal opportunity, equal ability, and equal potential for all women. ~read more~

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