doing GA12 justice

Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray and other protestors

A General Assembly with no Service of the Living Tradition?  GA without plenary?  Without an Exhibit Hall?!?!  What *did* we mean when we voted that GA12 should have the “minimum required” business, and otherwise focus on justice, in last year’s Business Resolution on the Phoenix General Assembly 2012?

Our UUA Board of Trustees will take up this question at their meeting, next weekend.  If you believe the Board should take us at our word, if you want the ~read more~

guilty bystander?

“For us to claim we are ‘on the side of love,’ implying others are not, feels dangerously self-righteous to me,” posts Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig.  She continues, “Please hear me: I don’t want us to sit on our hands or stay silent about what we believe. I feel so blessed to be part of a movement with brave people willing to put themselves on the line for justice. I just hope we can practice with humility, seeking ~read more~

$0.02 on GA’12

Dear UUA Trustees,

Thank you for asking my input about GA12.

If we are to ask UUs of color, and UUs with green cards, to risk their safety and their freedom by going to Arizona, then we must make it worth that risk: let us do real work in Phoenix. Even if SB1070 has been wholly repealed by June of 2012, we made a commitment in Minneapolis to focus on justice work. Let us do the necessary business ~read more~

48 into 1070

Many of those arrested at the Phoenix protests have had their day in court. Most UUs protesting the inherent racism in the anti-immigrant SB 1070 have been sentenced to community service.  (I don’t know if non-UUs got different sentences; it is at least plausible.  That’s for another post).

Some of us donated money toward the bail fund, to help the protestors get out of jail; might we not also stand in solidarity by doing some community service ~read more~

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