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We all want and expect different things from our church. Some of us come here to find peace and healing; some come to get informed and energized to go out and fight against injustice. Some want classical music; some want show tunes; some want silence.

Some come to connect with friends; some come for the service and race out the door, as soon as the chalice is extinguished.

There is a lot of discussion, these days, about what ~read more~

Lilly on Evolution


“How come you think humans evolved from monkeys?” asked Lilly, “Don’t you think dogs are much smarter than they are?” Lillie is our dog, and she often communicates with me. As far as I know, she does not talk–er, think, I receive her thoughts in  my mind—with anybody else.

“Well, girl, I know that you are pretty smart.”

“Don’t deflect. How do you think chimpanzees compare to dogs? And do you really think humans were once animals?” Once ~read more~

integral impulse (sermon; 110130)

nested dolls Snoopy

Integral Impulse Service celebrated at People’s Church UU, in Ludington, Michigan, on 30 January 2011; by Rev. Chip Roush

 OPENING WORDS               
by Ken Wilber (who turns 62 tomorrow)
“I’ll tell you what I think. I think the sages are the growing tip of the secret impulse of evolution. I think they are the leading edge of the self-transcending drive that always goes beyond what went before. I think they embody the very drive of the Kosmos toward greater depth ~read more~

evolving “alien” life on earth


Arsenic-eating microbes–unlike any other lifeforms on earth–show that Life is even more tenacious and inventive than we thought.  When scientists starved the GFAJ-1 microbe of phosphorus, introducing the chemically-similar arsenic, the microbe adapted itself, incorporating arsenate into its cellular structure–including its DNA.

Felisa Wolfe-Simon and fellow researchers began working on the GFAJ-1 microbe (of the Halomonadaceae family) because it thrived in the toxically-salty Mono Lake, in California.  All life on earth uses the same six elements–including phosphorus.  So ~read more~

we are the revolution

“We cannot wait for the…times to change that we may change with them, for the revolution to come and carry us round in its new course. No more will the evolutionary forces of nature propel us in their groping way through the next critical point into a new state of Being. From now on, if we are to have any future, we must create that future ourselves. We ourselves are the future and we are the ~read more~

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