buy nothing day?


This year is the 22nd annual “Buy Nothing Day,” celebrated in the USA on the day after Thanksgiving, and in sixty-five other countries on the following Saturday. Not only do “Buy Nothing Day” supporters encourage us to forego shopping on that day, they also hold “credit card cut-ups” to help people get a handle on their debt, and they stage “zombie walks” where people dressed like horror-movie zombies shamble through shopping malls, inspiring people to wake ~read more~

mindful on Black Friday


Mindful of the folks we may meet on Black Friday: Out in the parking lot, there is a young man in a “Buy Nothing Day” T-shirt, and zombie makeup. He has a good understanding of  the evils of consumerism, and he is still working on developing real compassion for the humans caught in the system. He is grateful for the professional stage makeup that his girlfriend gave him.

A Walmart employee, out on strike, just like many ~read more~

giving the Buckeyes credit

The Buckeyes are projected to play either in the Orange Bowl or the Capital One Bowl.  The ESPN prognosticators have OSU facing Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl (brought to you by the Discover card), on Monday night, January 3, 2011 – or facing Alabama in the Capital One bowl, at 1pm on New Year’s Day.  Obviously, there are a couple important games to play yet, but it does seem that they will *not* play in ~read more~

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