near-final Ends of our UUA Board


The “near-final” version of the Ends for our UUA Board, as recorded heading into the General Assembly 2013 (item C-1 of the June Board Packet):

1.0 Global End

A healthy Unitarian Universalist community that is alive with transforming power, moving our communities and the world towards more love, justice, and peace in a manner which assures institutional sustainability.

1.1 Congregations and communities are covenanted, accountable, healthy, and mission driven.

1.2 Congregations are better able to achieve ~read more~

smaller better UUA Board


I support our UUA Board of Trustees’ proposal to shrink the Board from 26 members to 14, and to change the way Trustees are nominated & elected. I agree that this will make the Board both *more* efficient and diverse (pdf). For more details, please see their FAQ (pdf). {The FAQ has also been reproduced as the first comment, below}

My colleague, Tom Schade, wrote:

“Dear Friends…I have been thinking about UUA governance for a while.
Most of our frustrations with ~read more~

poor Board candidates

Board of Trustees

Top Ten People Who Should NOT Be On Your Board – and the worst and best reasons to ask someone to serve. This is slightly adapted from the classic list created by the Rev. Ms. Suzanne Meyer. NB: some of her characterizations are a bit harsh, but the core truths hold, IMHO.

1. Joe Blow-Hard. He’s the loudmouth who always has an opinion about everything. Rationale: Let him see that running a church is not as easy as he ~read more~

so may we categorize: