Imprisoned Lightning (homily; 120205)

Statue of Liberty Torch

Imprisoned Lightning
Service  celebrated at the First Unitarian Church of Hobart, Indiana, on 05 February  2012
Rev.  Chip Roush

One of my favorite poets, Wislawa Szymborska, died last Wednesday, of lung cancer. These are excerpts of her poem, Psalm:

“How leaky are all the borders
we  draw around our separate nations!
How  many clouds cross those boundaries
daily without even paying the toll!
How much desert sand
simply sifts from country to country,
or how many mountain pebbles
hop down slopes onto foreign turf just like that!
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modern plagues


Ancient and Modern Plagues for Passover Seder Dinner(adapted from Rabbi Chava Bahle, Rev. Dr. Mark Belletini & Reb Seth Castleman)

Dam, the river turned to blood
the blood of devastating wars, choking the lifesprings that could nurture the world

Tzfardeyah, frogs
the extinction of many species – as many as 30,000 per year, rivaling the Great Extinctions of the past

Kinim, lice
the horror of great poverty

Arov, wild beasts
humans acting like beasts, animal passions inflamed in a hyper-sexualized world

Dever, blight
healing and health ~read more~

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