Life is a gift. It is our challenge to make the most of that gift—to enjoy it to its fullest, and to extend that enjoyment to as many others as possible. Our families—biological, adopted, or “chosen”—are an integral part of that enjoyment.

Becky and I were married in 1998, in the First UU Church of Columbus, Ohio, where we had met a year or so earlier. We have no children, but we do share our space with a dog, Lillie. Becky’s parents live in Kentucky and mine are in Ohio.

I was born in Mt. Gilead, Ohio, on 02 November, 1963, and grew up in nearby Marion. I earned a degree in Philosophy (with a minor in Physics) from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

I worked as a computer programmer and database engineer in Columbus for several years. I volunteered with the Shadowbox Theatre group as well, working as their stage manager and occasional playwright (I won the Columbus Dispatch’s “Best Original Play” in 1992). Eventually, I moved with some friends to work in Chicago. I enjoyed living in the Windy City, and I enjoyed my work as a database administrator. Nevertheless, I felt like something was missing, and I quit to search for that missing piece.

I traveled among intentional communities in the midwest and south for a summer, and found a pretty good match in the East Wind Community, in mid-southern Missouri. When I considered living there, though, it felt like it was too far from my family. Thus I realized that my family was the community I needed to be intentional about. I moved back to Ohio and set about doing that.

After a friend’s suggestion, I started attending the First UU Church of Columbus in the summer of 1996. I became active in the church, and met and married Becky there.

“[Chip and Becky] are a great team and a great model for partnership.” –the Rev. Ms. Stephanie Etzbach-Dale

We soon realized my calling was to the professional ministry, and we moved to Chicago, for me to attend seminary, in September, 2001. Becky is a gifted Physical Therapist; she earned a Fellowship with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. We remained in Chicago for a year after seminary, while she completed her Fellowship. I served Countryside Church UU as their Interim MRE.

We moved to Traverse City when I was called by UUCGT. We have enjoyed hiking and kayaking, and the TC Film Festival. However, we are awfully far from our families, up here.

Becky and I are intentional about making time for each other. We visit our families at least once per year, and we maintain friendships as individuals as well as a couple. I remain in contact with many friends and colleagues via email, phone, and actual letters!

I enjoy art-—making my own (pencils and watercolors, mostly) and appreciating that of others (all media). I love music of all kinds, though I listen to the Grateful Dead most frequently. I like movies, theater and poetry. I play card and board games frequently. I like cooking, watching sports (Go Buckeyes!) and reading—everything from mysteries to histories, classic literature to comic books. I go camping at least once per year. I exercise about 30 minutes per day, five or six times per week. I meditate and pray every morning.

You can learn more about me here.

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