Water vortices can generate electricity in a sustainable, mostly-fish-friendly way.  According to University of Michigan professor, Michael Bernitsas, water flowing past a cylindrical object creates vortices along the side.  A vortex occurs on one side, then on the other, alternating back and forth.  This can be destructive (as with oil rigs or the Tacoma Narrows Bridge).  Bernitsas was working on ways to reduce or eliminate vortex-induced oscillations, when he realized that a better solution might be ~read more~

Half-Hearted Covenant?

Outreach by Christine Perry

Going All The Way
Service celebrated at the UU Congregation of Petoskey, MI, on 20 March 2011
Rev. Chip Roush

from “The Open Door” by Helen Keller
“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature,
nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”

UNISON READING     #477 by the Rev. Mr. Vivian Pomeroy:
Forgive us that we ~read more~

vm: Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

This week we celebrate the birth of Albert Einstein, who said, “I am a deeply religious nonbeliever.” So may ~read more~

vm: tag discontinued-use category

I will no longer use the “voicemail” tag, please use the category of the same name to search for the weekly honorees & ~read more~

U/U/UU History Notes

Unitarian Universalist chalice

Too-Brief Outline of Unitarian, Universalist & UU History
collected & idiosyncratically presented by Rev. Chip Roush
06 February 2011

heresy is Greek for choice

c. 0 Jesus
<=232 Origen: bible as allegory; no hell
<= 336 Arius’ Unknown Unbegun; one Source (Jesus not coeternal w/G-d)
325  Council of Nicaea rules in favor of Trinitarians, Arius anathematized
<=418 Pelagius: no original sin; human agency
553 Second Council of Constantinople condemns universal salvation as heresy

[1517 Luther’s 95 Theses published]
1523 Anabaptists Menno Simons & followers move to Holland
16th ~read more~

perinatal / reproductive losses

perinatal loss  reproductive loss

Resources for perinatal / reproductive loss, as suggested by my dear colleagues:


Perinatal Loss Group – many great resources, including birth/death announcements, excellent “support cards” and books with readings for memorials and other rituals of healing

Compassionate Friends -website and national network for parents who have lost a child, with information on how to find local chapters

Faith Aloud has a free hotline for women experiencing either an unplanned pregnancy or a reproductive loss

March of Dimes is more for premature ~read more~

calling directions for December solstice 2010

A chill wind blasts through us;
we tremble, at its cold and at its power.
Nature has a terrible beauty:
often cruel, yet sublimely, remarkablyly gorgeous,
even in shades of greys and browns…

The December wind blows
and we tremble, in cold and in awe.
We invite the powers of the East, the Spirit of Wind,
to join us, as we gather this morning.

The Yule Log crackles and blazes;
candles dance on menorahs and kinaras;
strings of lights festoon eaves and bushes.
We invite the powers of ~read more~

Obama the *pragmatic* progressive

President Obama took aim at liberal purists during last Tuesday’s press conference, and defended his pragmatic approach to progressive policies.  As a person who once voted for Nader because Gore was not pure enough, I appreciate Mr. Obama’s reminder.

John Avlon called it a “striking moment of defiance and self-definition,” deserving of a “a place on the Obama administration highlight reel.”

Questioned about his “core values,” and whether he has a “line in the sand,” Mr. Obama said, ~read more~

vm: Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz

This week we celebrate the birthday of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, the first feminist in the Americas. Born in 1648 (or  1651), just outside Mexico City, she became a nun and a scholar, and defended the right of women to be educated.

Check out ~read more~

grizzly chases bison

grizzly bear chases bison at Yellowstone

Alex Wypyszinksi dropped off his wife at work, then went to Yellowstone Park to take some photographs of wildlife.  He was expecting some smaller wildlife–but captured these pictures of  grizzly bear chasing a bison. 

According to a story by KRTV, the bison escaped into the woods, but sustained enough injuries in the fight that rangers had to put it down the next day.

Wypyszinski says that the animals paid him no attention, and galloped by as he stood ~read more~

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