Sikh Opening Words

Sikh Khanda

In honor of our Sikh cousins, and in sympathy for the tragic mass murder at their temple in Oak Creek, WI, last Sunday:

Guru Tegh Bahadur was the ninth
of the ten gurus that created and shaped the Sikh faith.
He is quoted in our hymnal as saying,
“Why do you go to the forest in search of the Divine?
God lives in all, and abides with you too.
As fragrance dwells in a flower,
or reflection in a mirror,
so the Divine dwells ~read more~

Mother’s Day Prayer

Venus of Willendorf

Let us open ourselves widely to Life, and share a few moments of quiet attention…   {silence}

We call upon the Hopi Earth-Mother, Tuuwaqatsi, and Cybele, the Magna Mater; we think of Parvati, primal Hindu goddess, mother even of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; today, we honor the Green Man, and the Maiden and the Crone, and especially we celebrate the Mother; we call to mind the Venus of Willendorf, carved 25,000 years ago, and we celebrate the ancient and ~read more~


world trade center pool

We call upon Enki, ancient Sumerian god of water;
and Tiamat, primordial goddess of the ocean,
and mother of all the Babylonian deities;
we think of Oceanus, and the Nixies,
and Mazu, Varuna, Suijin—
and all the other metaphorical embodiments of water…

we open our awareness
to the water that makes up the majority of our own bodies;
we note our utter dependence
upon water to live;

We note the tenth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center;
we note the significant changes—
in our country ~read more~

9/11 for all ages


My sister plans to explain the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks using the story of the Grinch. When talking with children (most of whom were not yet born on September 11, 2001), she wanted to be as honest as possible, without frightening them. Her insight: use the Dr. Seuss story, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. She’ll ask them if they know who the Grinch is, and ask them about what he stole from the Whos in Whoville (gifts, ~read more~

Easter opening words

Transformation M.C. Escher

All stories are true—and some of them actually happened.
The story that Jesus was resurrected,
that he was seen walking around,
and heard speaking,
after the Romans had executed him,
may not have actually happened,
but it *is* a true reflection
of our human desire for more life.

The story also reflects
our true need for transformation in other ways.
Many of us want to change our lives,
to be *different* in the world.
Many of us want to be stronger, or kinder,
or more disciplined or more daring.

Whatever ~read more~

so may we categorize: