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coa-pacuuWelcome to the Call and Response blog, featuring “Journeys in UU Lifespan Faith Development.” I just learned about it today, and added it to the blogroll at right. Pat Kahn’s current post features wisdom from William Ellery Channing and a host of great faith development resources. I hope the blog continues to live up to her example!

Here is some Channing, but go read her post: “Sunday-schools are meant to aid you in the great work of forming your children to true excellence. I say they are meant to aid you, not to relieve you from the work, not to be your substitutes, not to diminish domestic watchfulness and teaching, but to concur with you, to give you fellow-laborers, to strengthen your influence over your children.

…Your children should be your first care. You indeed sustain interesting relations to society, but your great relation is to your children; and in truth you cannot discharge your obligations to society by any service so effectual as by training up for it enlightened and worthy members in the bosom of the family and the church.

BTW, we should *all* serve as “fellow-laborers.” Faith development may be a primary responsibilty of parents, but we must all collaborate in the upbringing of future generations. The more people that are somehow related in an Annual Budget Drive, the more successful it is likely to be. The more people who are involved in a Lifespan Religious Education program, the more successful the program–and its graduates!–are likely to be.



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