near-final Ends of our UUA Board

targetThe “near-final” version of the Ends for our UUA Board, as recorded heading into the General Assembly 2013 (item C-1 of the June Board Packet):

1.0 Global End

A healthy Unitarian Universalist community that is alive with transforming power, moving our communities and the world towards more love, justice, and peace in a manner which assures institutional sustainability.

1.1 Congregations and communities are covenanted, accountable, healthy, and mission driven.

1.2 Congregations are better able to achieve their missions and to spread awareness of Unitarian

Universalist ideals and principles through their participation in covenanted networks of Unitarian

Universalist congregations and communities.

1.3 Our faith community is intentionally inclusive, multigenerational and multicultural.

1.4 Our faith community engages in partnerships to counter systems of power, privilege and


1.5 Congregations have and use Unitarian Universalist Association resources to deepen the spiritual

and religious exploration by people in their communities, to enhance the ministry of their members

and to improve the operation of the congregations.

1.6 There is an increase in the number of people served by Unitarian Universalist congregations and


1.7 There is an increase in the number of mutually covenanted Unitarian Universalist congregations

and communities.

1.8 There is an increase in the number of inspired ordained and lay religious leaders equipped to

effectively start and sustain new Unitarian Universalist communities.

1.9 Unitarian Universalist institutions are healthy, vital, collaborative partners invested in the future of

Unitarian Universalism, its principles and theologies.

(there were four comments, which are not included here)

As this is only a draft, it is not published on its own page of the site. Once it is published, I will provide a link.

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