Memorial Day prayer

memorial dayWe call to Iphigenia, and her patron, Artemis;
we call to Utnapishtim, and to Confucius;
we beckon to all the goddesses and gods
who ever received an offering;

we cry to the God of the Israelites,
who taught our ancestors
which animals made the right sacrifice;
we cry to Jehovah,
who gave his only begotten son;

we remember all of our human cousins
who risked their lives,
or their status,
or their health and wellbeing,
in service to their higher values;

both emboldened and humbled
by the power of these ideas,
we continue to speak,
softly but firmly;

we are grateful to be alive this day,
and as well as we are;
we are glad to be here, among these good people;
we lift up those joys & sorrows just mentioned,
and those which remain in the silent sanctuaries of our hearts;

we desire aid and support
for all those affected
by the tornadoes in Oklahoma and Texas;

we desire that the prison at Guantanamo Bay be closed;

we celebrate that the Boy Scouts
will allow boys and teens who are gay;
we desire that they also end their prejudice
and allow out gay men to participate in Scouting;

we desire wisdom, creativity,
compassion and courage
in our Chicago leaders,
that they find a way to *not* close 53 public schools;

we are grateful to those veterans of our armed forces,
who gave their lives in service to our nation;
and we are grateful to those conscientious objectors
who died serving our country;

we pledge to live *our* lives
such that their sacrifices were not in vain;

We desire enough food, and shelter,
and peace of mind
for all beings this day;
we pledge ourselves in pursuit of this goal.
Praise for living.

So may we be.

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