beheading a human crime

Muzzammil “Mo” Hassan has been found guilty of second-degree murder, for beheading his wife in February 2009. Aasiya Hassan was killed after she filed for divorce from her husband.

As I blogged at the time, this heinous act was not a “Muslim crime.” Rather, it is an all-too-human crime.  Many will use this story as evidence that all people who follow the Islamic faith are prone to violence (even terrorism).  But husbands have been killing wives, and wives have been killing husbands, for as long as we’ve been living together.  Their religion was not the issue; except perhaps the difficulty of living in the United States as Muslims after 9/11/01 put even more stress on their relationship.

The sad irony is that Mr. Hassan ran a television station dedicated to overcoming negative stereotypes about Muslim-Americans. Mrs. Hassan asked him to create “Bridges TV” so that her children would not have to grow up amidst fear and hatred. If we wish to honor Mrs. Hassan’s death, let us do so by pursuing her dream of understanding. Let us not fear each other, but together work to overcome ignorance.

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  • JacktheLeper

    “But husbands have been killing wives”… BEHEADED??? When was the last time a husband beheaded his wife in USA? Happens all the time in mooslim countires. Tell is to Daniel Pearl! Islam is a bloody, murderous religion. The only peaceful ones are the backsliders, marginal muslims. They are facists, always have been since the child molester Mohammed became a warlord.

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