Oklahoma bans 10 Commandments?

Voters in Oklahoma may have made it illegal to consider the Christian Ten Commandments in court cases. They amended their state constitution in an attempt to prevent courts from referring to Sharia (Islamic law) when deciding cases. According to a CNN story, there has never been a case of an Oklahoman court referring to Sharia, but now it–and possibly the Ten Commandments, as an international law created in another country–are definitively ruled out. 

Legal scholars are calling the measure “a mess,” with many unknown implications–like whether it violates the establishment clause of the U.S. Constitution (the separation of church and state). 

Besides the restriction that courts must use only federal laws to decide cases, and not refer to concepts that originated in other places (like Sharia *and* the Ten Commandments), it requires that all state business be conducted in English.

There are two teachable moments here.  Some on the right may learn that Sharia is not as foreign or dangerous as they’ve been told.  Some on the left may recall their own mistakes, when they acted or spoke too quickly, out of their own fears or anger, and thus might find a little compassion for our fellow citizens in Oklahoma and beyond.  Fears of other cultures, and anger about the changes in our own culture, are real and growing.  We might laugh now, but if we don’t learn, we may all be crying later.

via Slatest

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