just like a UU

A new lay leader wants my sister’s church to cease using exclusively masculine pronouns when they refer to God.  Evidently, they aren’t ready to use many feminine pronouns, so they just repeat the word “God” a lot–”God wants the best for God’s children,” etc.  This frustrates my sister, who finds that language clunky and distracting.  Besides, she says, “I don’t think people who come to this [tradition withheld] church worry about that kind of stuff.”  She wonders why the new lay leader attends there–he is “just like a UU.”

I confess to a little spiritual pride, that she knows that UUs care about things like gender equity.  Of course, that very pride is a trap.  If we are content to serve as language police, we are not living up to our full promise, not working to achieve the fuller, deeper justice beyond pronouns.  I am allowing myself to feel some pride, *and* I try to hear her story as a call to continued action.  I think that’s what God would want for her children :-)

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