48 into 1070

Many of those arrested at the Phoenix protests have had their day in court. Most UUs protesting the inherent racism in the anti-immigrant SB 1070 have been sentenced to community service.  (I don’t know if non-UUs got different sentences; it is at least plausible.  That’s for another post).

Some of us donated money toward the bail fund, to help the protestors get out of jail; might we not also stand in solidarity by doing some community service together?  What if our congregations pledged to perform 48 hours of work (including education) around immigrant rights in their local community?  What if we, as human beings, worked for 48 hours over the next few months to form real relationships with immigrants and immigrants’ rights organizations around us?

At the very least, could each congregation pledge 48 hours of work between now and our “Justice GA” in Phoenix in June, 2012?  My last year of college, I finally learned that doing the reading *before* class made the class much richer, and more enjoyable. If we do some learning prior to GA’12, if we get to know the specifics of immigrants’ issues in our local communities, then we may learn more and teach each other more and reach out with deeper compassion when we gather in Phoenix.

So may we be.

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